Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OpenMeetings Recording Feature

happy to announce that the Recording of Web-Conferencing Session's in OpenMeetings is ready.

You can test the Recording feature live at http://www.openmeetings.de

Features of the Recorder:

* Platform independent
* Download recorded file as FLV File (to watch offline, publish on your website or through Youtube)
* Private and Public Recordings via a Drag and Drop interface and Folders to organize Recordings
* Recording Timeline gives additional information when attendees are speaking
* Record hole screen + share screen at the the same time
* Seek in the Player to any point

Below is a sample screen from the Recording:

OpenMeetings Recording Sample Screen

And here is a FLV that I Recorded with OpenMeetings and uploaded to Youtube:

Monday, December 14, 2009

when will h.264 and video ever really work on OSX with Adobe Flash Player

A number of websites and TV stations provide their content as Live Stream these days. And it is getting more and more. As they don't want the user to install anything they often choose the Flash Platform to deliver the content. Unfortunately on Apple OSx it works but your CPU has 70-95%. That means after 5 minutes watching you can hear your CPU trying to cool down like hell. And if you have some kind of sensible data on your MacBook you start thinking how much a crash would cost you. So you better switch off. This High-CPU usage is even higher when it comes to h.264 content. With h.264 you can not watch more then 2 minutes. We would not like to talk about the Linux Plugin now ... for Users of that platform its almost impossible. They can be glad that their webcam and microphone is supported so that they can make some Conference Calls.

It is no new problem, it seems like the hardware acceleration that Adobe is proud of is only part of the Windows Platform Plugin, so that Non-Windows users can wait for a long time until they finally will receive Video On Demand in High Definition. Sorry guys but what Adobe delivers here is not more then a Proof-Of-Concept. I by myself am remind by that every day when I try to watch the Live-Cast of N-TV.de or CNN. I could be glad cause that way I hear more radio ... like the famous and commercial free radio soma.fm but I guess it would be better to choose radio because I like to and not because my device does not support Flash Video for more then 10 minutes.

I tried also updating to Flash Player 10.1, I hoped to get better results. I had not the impression that it really improves anything. After encountering that RTMPT-Connection does not work for the Flash Plugin on OSx I had to uninstall everything and install 10.0.xxx again. I don't feel like Experience Matters ^^.