Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OpenMeetings 1.5

Major new feature is timezone handling in the calendar.

  • Timezone support in User Profile, Calendar and Invitations. Users can now organize Events with people from different timezones and the system will  keep track on handling the event time correctly 
  • Re-Styling and fixing some layout aspects
  • Quick-link button next to each user-name in dashboard user list and in every chat box to quickly guide people to a conference room
  • small Bug fixes



OpenMeetings Version 1.4

New Features
  • Remote Desktop Control (RDC) in Screen Sharing and separated right for RDC in user list, Moderators are able by default to do RDC other users can apply for it using the right-buttons
  • New separated right for allowing Screen Sharing and Recording
  • Multi-Domain Support: Separated Admin interface for configuring multiple LDAP configurations with a single OpenMeetings Instance, in the Login Box you are able to choose different domains now, each domain represents a LDAP config (you can still use the internal DB all the time, the internal DB is always in the list)
  • New Room features: Close and open conference rooms. Additionally with a redirect-URL in case the room is closed and SOAP Methods to remotely open and close room. Moderators can also close a room from inside the conference room (Menubar: Actions > Close room). Users which are already loggedin will then be redirected to the redirect URL
  • Fix missing attributes in Backup file and add Meeting-Members
  • New Language: Danish, thx to ALO, update Spanish thx to Jesmargo
  • Various small Bugfixes


See also this Youtube Channel with some more Videos and custom components