Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updated Demo Version of Moodle Conferencing Plugin. Now with much more functionality in the Event Room. Try our demo at

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OpenMeetings 0.9 RC2 released

Major changes in MileStone 0.9 RC2:

  • Multiple Moderators: A moderator can make other Users also Moderator (add or remove Moderation flag)
  • No Confirmation from all users needed anymore to get Moderator (you just send a message to the Moderator)
  • Completely refactored Event Modus with: Multiple Moderators, allow any User to draw to the whiteboard, Moderators can allow or deny any user to share his Cam or Microphone (Raise hand function)
  • New Module Configuration XML-File to runtime configure Plugins and Modules
  • New Language Translations: Swedish and Finnish contributed by
  • Refactored parts of Calendar to fit into Layout and design
  • Various Modifications and fixes

A complete list of all Issue working and worked on MileStone 0.9 can be seen at:

Download of Release 0.9 RC2:

OpenMeetings 0.9 RC2 released, this includes a lot new Modifications, for example a new Event Modus Room, check

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Demo is now at r2219 including the new features of Moderation, new Event Room and functionality and some modifications to the Calendar. Register for free!