Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OpenMeetings 0.9 RC2 released

Major changes in MileStone 0.9 RC2:

  • Multiple Moderators: A moderator can make other Users also Moderator (add or remove Moderation flag)
  • No Confirmation from all users needed anymore to get Moderator (you just send a message to the Moderator)
  • Completely refactored Event Modus with: Multiple Moderators, allow any User to draw to the whiteboard, Moderators can allow or deny any user to share his Cam or Microphone (Raise hand function)
  • New Module Configuration XML-File to runtime configure Plugins and Modules
  • New Language Translations: Swedish and Finnish contributed by
  • Refactored parts of Calendar to fit into Layout and design
  • Various Modifications and fixes

A complete list of all Issue working and worked on MileStone 0.9 can be seen at:

Download of Release 0.9 RC2:

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