Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OpenMeetings 1.3 RC1 Released

We are happy to announce Version 1.3 of Openmeetings and its new features:
  • Drawings stay on slide when you turn the page of a document on the whiteboard
  • Restricted Room Type further optimization for 100++ participants. We have done some Stress test with the University of UmeĆ„ from Sweden and Vasaa in Finland with about 120-130 participants in a Single Conference Room (Type Restricted). They went successfull. Thanks to the Team of again
  • Quality Settings in Screen Sharing Clients, contributed by Giovanni Possemato / Bitflow ( + RTMP-Tunneling Version of ScreenSharer fixed
  • New SOAP Calls to get User-Object List including Streamname to broadcast a Video Stream out of a Conference directly
  • Screen Sharing/Recording is now a separated right, therefore new layout for User-List in all room-types
  • Option in Room-Settings and Administration “Audio Only” so users can only do Voice Conference in those rooms
  • Video Pod hidden (Conference-Roomtype) or minimized (Webinar/Restricted-Roomtype) if User selects only Audio as device to broadcast
  • Activity-Icon highlights when user speaks, now also in User-List (Room-Type Conference) instead of Video-Pod
  • System Backup and Import - You can export now completely Users + Rooms + Organizations + all associations + all uploaded Files into a single ZIP and re-import that ZIP in a freshly installed OpenMeetings (of course you need an OpenMeetings Version greater 1.3 to be able to import the ZIP again) see also UpdateOpenMeetings
Major Bug fixes:
  • Invitations Password does not work
  • Reminder Email not beeing send before scheduled Meetings (now send 15 minutes upfront no matter if ICAL or simple Mail)
  • lots of small things
The SugarCRM and Moodle Integration is fully upwards compatible.

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