Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to use OpenMeetings

  1. Go to the OpenMeetings server. For example, here
  2. Input username and password and click Sign in
  3. Welcome page appears, click the Press start
  4. The list of the available rooms appears. Choose a room and click Enter button:
  5. The following dialog appears, choose your published devices and click Start conference button:
  6. The following dialog appears, click Allow button:
  7. You are welcome to the OpenMeeting room:


  1. Very good info to connect to the OpenMeeting room for Video Conferencing. My question is that can possible in any browser or we should depend on any particular browser.

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  3. Hi , I'm Saravanan From chennai.
    I'm using Apache Openmeetings 2.2.0 version . I'm facing an issue.Please try to get me out from this issue. Issue described as follows,I have configured database locally. I have created as user "admin" (with Level as Admin) while installing. I'm using REST Webservice for my project .In this i Cant able to create a "Web-Service" Level user. Instead the the user is created as "User" Level by default.So because of this i could not able to use this service "openmeetings/services/UserService/setUserObjectAndGenerateRoomHash". It return the error code as "-26" (Admin authorization required).
    Please do let me know how to enter room via REST Web service inorder to integrate in my application.