Friday, July 20, 2012

Commercial Openmeetings Support FAQ

That's our attempt to keep support knowledge structured and save your time asking questions.



That's free software under Apache License, and what is even better, you can get anything for free. You can install Openmeetings yourself for free, or can get free support at our mailing lists.

Still you may want to save your time by asking us ( for assistance. The price is calculated by multiplying required hours to hourly rate (€50 / hour).

Initial server & network check1
OpenMeetings installation or upgrade10
Moodle, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Bitrix plug-in installation2
Installation or upgrade of the other supported system10
Configuration of the integrated room hosting2
Integrated room hosting (per month)1
Moodle installation3
Upgrade of security certificates2
Simple re-branding2
Admin access to the demo server1

Supported systems include Openmeetings, a number of CMS and integration plug-ins.

Installation requires you to answer a number of questions (see Openmeetings installation questions, CMS plug-in installation questions), hence we can set up the system as you like.

Why admin access to the demo server costs something?

We need to verify the users who get access to the sensitive data. Payment is the simplest verification. Please note, you get a limited time frame to use your admin access.

Do you offer hosting packages?

Yes, we do.


Is it possible to customize Openmeetings' look & feel?

Yes, that's possible. That's the most visible advantage of Openmeetings open source nature.

Is it possible to change several things at once?

Unless you are a trusted long-term customer, we start from small agile projects containing minor customizations. That would save your money, because we address issues in order which is critical for your business.

What happens with the code which is developed during commercial support?

The general changes which are useful for the project (e.g. bug fixes or general new features) are developed under Apache license and committed into the open source trunk. This helps customers update to a newer version smoothly.

There may be some exceptions. For example, for specific customizations we maintain a private source control system for your project, and this costs extra.


Which CMS integration modules do you provide?

We provide Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix and some other CMS modules (exact supported version numbers can be clarified in each particular case). We also provide integration to SugarCRM, Zimbra and some other popular systems.

Could you please send us a module for CMS (content management system) integration?

We don't provide these modules without installation services. It requires collecting integration requirements first to succeed in the integration process, and we cannot afford a failure.

Is it possible to integrate Open Meetings with Microsoft .Net (JBoss, etc)?

Openmeetings integrates with other applications by means of language independent SOAP protocol. We can integrate Openmeetings with any Internet application.

Does Openmeetings work on mobile devices?

We are currently developing this. The first version of the Android mobile client is going to be ready very soon.


Which tools & technology are behind Openmeetings?

The server side is written in Java, the client side uses HTML5, OpenLaszlo, Flash and Java.

What can I do about echo?

Use headphones and manually mute microphones, or try speakerphones.

I have got a browser crash or my client hangs. What can I do?

Please get more info about the browser craches resolving here.


Why it takes so many hours?

Don't hesitate to ask if the task estimate is more than you expect. We strive to make our process transparent.

The commercial development cycle contains the following stages: understand what should be done > create a tracker and transfer the task to a programmer > fix > compile > test > commit to the source control > verify the change with the second pair of eyes (ask another guy to complile and deploy the new source to the test server) > deploy to the production server. Here the most important part comes, you get a week to verify the changes yourself.

Is it possible to talk with somebody from commercial support team personally?

If you need a demo account or would like to talk to us personally we can set up a meeting in the room on our demo server. Just discuss the details and what time fits you by e-mail.

We insist on using OpenMeetings for such meetings. This would get you some experience of using OpenMeetings and help to understand if OpenMeetings meet your expectation or not. That is why phone and skype calls are undesirable for us.

Installation Questionnaire

Please, answer the following questions to ensure proper integration.

  • Have you tried a demo?
  • How many conference rooms do you need? Do you need rooms for webinars, or for face-to-face talks, or both? Which resolution do you like to have? How would you name rooms?
  • What kind of server do you have? You need a dedicated server with minimum 2-4 GB Ram and 2-3 Dual Core or Quad core CPU. Recommended operating systems are Ubuntu or Debian. Please transfer us administrator credentials for your server for remote access.
  • Do users and server have enough bandwidth and network quality is sufficient? You generally need 1 Mbit/sec for 4 users in 200x200px resolution. Please try our required bandwidth calculator.
  • Which hardware do users plan to use?
  • Are there any users who will use the system on a regular basis and benefit from the warming-up training?
  • Are the server or users protected by a firewall? Does your server have 80, 5080, 1935, 8088 ports open? Does the firewall limit RTMP or HTTP traffic?
  • How many users do you plan to have? For high load solutions do you have any production-grade level database installed? Please sents us administrator credentials or credentials of a user who can create and mange openmeetings database.
  • Do you want to have email notifications? If yes, please send us smtp server host and port, openmeetings server email address for outcoming correspondense, and credentials of smtp server user which can send emails from this address.
  • Which timezone, language and contry are default for most of your users?
  • Do you want to close open registration on your Openmeetings site?
  • May we add the link to your site as an example of successful integration to the end of this page?
  • What other requirements do you have in mind?

Installation Check

Working Openmeetings is an important prerequisite for rebranding and integration services.

  • Check that you can hear and see other participants.
  • Ensure recordings work for your installation.
  • Ensure you can successfully put word documents to the whiteboard.

Rebranding Checklist

This checklist ensures you've made steps required for the product rebranding.

  • Check that Openmeetings is installed correctly.
  • Provide Openmeetings server and remote server access credentials.
  • Provide a logo (40 pixel height).
  • Provide your company name, the sting for the conference URL (so-called context), the browser window title.
  • Specify company style colors (light background, window border color).

Integration Questionnaire

Please, answer the following questions to ensure proper integration.

  • Do you have Openmeetings correctly?
  • Which system do you want to integrate with? Which version?
  • As for integrating systems, which servers are they located at? Please provide us with administrator credentials for both systems for remote access.
  • Where on the website shall the links to the conference rooms be displayed?
  • Which rooms would be visible on site?
  • What happens with the recordings user make in the conference room? Shall the user be able to place a link to a recording he made?
  • May we add the link to your site as an example of successful integration to the end of this page?

Business Edition

We do offer a Business Edition of Openmeetings. It is compiled from the same sources, the difference is in configuration service. The service includes SIP integration to selected VoIP providers. If you opt for SIP integration, your users can start using mobile devices via SIP gateway with Openmeetings.

There is no fixed price for this edition. The required effort billing is based on standard hourly rate and depends on complexity of client network infrastructure and number of SIP providers.

Guarantees and commitments

Please take into account that you don’t buy a software product as OpenMeetings itself is free. You hire our developers for some time. Particularly, this means that we don’t ensure fixing bugs in OpenMeetings if you don’t pay for them according to our usual rate.

Good things here are that:

  • Usually we install release version for clients, it’s always good tested and stable enough.
  • Sometime we fix critical problems and make security updates for free, but all such cases should be considered individually, this is not a common rule.

To be sure that OpenMeetings is what you really need you should try our demo server before we start a project. Our installations provide exactly the functionality as demo servers do. So if you cannot get desired quality on demo, most probably you would not get it on your own installation too. Especially this is true regarding the quality of sound, video, recordings and screen sharing.

We are not responsible for the client-side problems. If your users don’t have enough bandwidth or RAM on their workstations, we cannot resolve such problems. Again, try the demo server with your equipment first to make a decision.

Unless this is separately discussed you have one week to verify if the installed system meets your expectations, and during this period we will help resolving issues you face. In case of the hosting service this week is included in the first hosting period.

We cannot offer a refund for hours which have been already spent on your project or payments for the hosting services.


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