Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OpenMeetings Hosting Services

Currently there are two hosting offerings: non-extensive usage offering called Integrated Room Service with a standard price, and a special offering called Advanced Hosting Plan for high load or customized cases.

What you choose depends on the mode in which you are going to use OpenMeetings, i.e. how often you plan to make your conferences, how many users you are going to have, etc.

Most customers start from the Integrated Room Hosting package and transfer to a special offering if their businesses grow.

Integrated Room Service includes creating rooms and users for your organization on our server and integration with your web site.

You have possibility to create OpenMeetings rooms from your CMS, place OpenMeetings room and recording links on your site and single sign-on feature for the OpenMeetings room entering.

This service has “reasonable load usage” limitation: we make some monitoring of the hosting services, and if we see that workload of some organization users is too big, we recommend client to move to another service.

Great benefit of this is that it’s cheap and you can pay quarterly. Monthly fee for the service is 50 euro and initial service setup fee is 100 euro + the cost of your CMS plugin installing. Plugin installing service depends on your site details, you can find the prices for most supported systems in our FAQ.

Upgrade OpenMeetings and CMS plugins to the recent releases and urgent security updates are included into the price.

If it becomes not enough for your goals, or you have customized OpenMeetings version, or you need some non-standard integration features, you would need to switch to Advanced Hosting Plan.

We do not have our own data center, so you can rent a server from some provider yourselves, or we can do it for you. We have successful experience of work with Amazon which would be convenient for USA clients, Scalaxy and Hetzner. Advantage of these providers is that they promise guaranteed bandwidth at any moment of time and allow manage network bandwidth dynamically. So for the clients who want to have big OpenMeetings conferences at some scheduled times we suggest increase bandwidth for the conference time and then decrease it back when the conference is finished. This helps save the money for the hosting, despite that these providers look more expensive in compare with other ones. Other providers are also possible on your behalf.

For the Advances Hosting Plan, all the cases should be discussed individually and the price depends on the exact details of your project.


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