Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OpenMeetings Team Staff Meeting Minutes for 03-April-2012.


                Sebastian Wagner

Alexei Fedotov

Denis Kandrov

German Grekhov

Irina Arkhipets

Maria Stepanova

Maxim Solodovnik

Olga Golosova

Timur Tleukenov



  1. Red5 phone is installed on the Russian demo servers (Thanks Timur!)
  2. JabberService is open sourced and installed to one client (Thanks Maxim!)
  3. Sebastian works on the GUI improvements, so OpenMeetings will look much better soon!
  4. Denis tries to optimize disk usage by OpenMeetings. OM demo server was configured so that recordings are stored on S3 Amazon Server, now we can offer this to the clients as an additional service. Denis also found that documents are converted and stored in the same folder, and this is not optimal. But Sebastian told that this should not be so. Agreed to continue a discussion via e-mail (Denis should write a letter with a brief description of the found problems)
  5. There are still some unclear points regarding the current hosting policy. Table with the hosting services description and prices would be ready on this week (Maria).
  6. Team infrastructure changes: Timur goes to another project since April,9; Maxim and Irina work full time for the project since April, 16. Anton Smirnov is a developer who probably will continue SIP/VOIP integration implementing and mobile devices support investigating.


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