Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OpenMeetings Team Staff Meeting Minutes for 10-April-2012.


Alexei Fedotov

Denis Kandrov

German Grekhov

Irina Arkhipets

Maria Stepanova

Maxim Solodovnik

Olga Golosova

Timur Tleukenov


  1. TeamBox plugin discussion. It’s impossible to make direct OpenMeetings SOAP/REST API calls inside JavaScript functions because client browsers do not allow cross-domain calls by the security policy. Several decisions are possible. Several decisions are possible here: for example to use iFrames or to make such calls from the TeamBox server side. So there are two tasks for German: 1). To clarify if we can write our own server code in TeamBox and 2). To develop universal JavaScript widget for OpenMeetings and check it into svn (in Apache or googlecode).
  2. Prices for the OpenMeetings hosting on Scalaxy still look too high and need to be optimized. Irina will write a post on dataved.ru and discuss this with the community.
  3. Team infrastructure changes: since April, 16 Timur and Olga go to another projects; Maxim and Irina start to work full time.


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