Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OpenMeeting Team Meeting Minutes 15-May-2012


  • Alexei Fedotov
  • Denis Kandrov
  • German Grekhov
  • Irina Arkhipets
  • Maria Stepanova
  • Maxim Solodovnik


1. Release shipping: need to speed it up. Maxim starts to work on 8 opened OpenMeetings bugs

2. Teambox plugin works OK for German. Opened issues are:

  • Check the sources into Apache svn (German)
  • Contact with teambox guys about the future plans (German)
  • Configure https access on demo.dataved.ru (Denis)
  • Write an article on habrahabr (German, Denis, Irina)
  • Beta-testing
  • Opened question: authentication is implemented with php script and this probably can slow down OM server a little

3. Tunneling: it would be great to get rid of proxies in its implementation, but the details are currently unclear. Agreed to put it aside for a while.

4. Jitsy plugin is finished. Need to check the sources into open source branch.

5. Network checking script almost ready and includes the following (Denis):

  • Latency and jitter checks (ping)
  • Ports availability for 5080, 8088, 1935 (iPerf)
  • Workload for the port 1935 (iPerf)

6. OpenMeetings screen publishing has been finished (Maxim). Need some testing (Denis).

7. Maria lefts the project.

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