Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OpenMeeting Team Meeting Minutes 29-May-2012


  • Sebastian Wagner
  • Alexei Fedotov
  • Denis Kandrov
  • German Grekhov
  • Irina Arkhipets
  • Maxim Solodovnik
  • Yulia Algaier


1. Release 2.0 shipping. There is one blocking bug which should be fixed before the release of 2.0. This is a bug in Red5 (issue #295 in Jira and #224 in red5). RTMPT does not work because of this.

2. Maxim is currently working on the manual cluster implementation:

  • Each room uses a separate server.
  • The server IP added to each room description, users are directed to the specific server when they enter room.
  • All servers use the same database - this makes all virtually on the same server.

Maxim will write an e-mail with the brief description of the possible cluster architectures into dev list.

3. German almost finished works with teambox plugin. Currently it’s possible to have OpenMeetings room for each project. Pablo also asked to do the same on the organizations level.

4. We need to store info about each commercial support e-mail and have some statistic about the commercial client requests. Irina will arrange another meeting with Sebastian and Alexei to discuss this.

5. Yulia Algaer has joined the project recently

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